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Minilon™: Meet Our Newest Innovation

Minilon™: Meet Our Newest Innovation

Everyone wants to have pretty and comfy activewear. Obviously, our minimates do too. Is it a tall order? Nah, of course not. Let miniletics be your genie!Poof! We proudly introduce our technologically advanced fabric: Minilon™. 

80% of our products use this material to give you the best workout experience
It's soft, quick to dry, light-weight, incredibly elastic, and also perfectly tailored!
Minilon™ is designed to enable every movement with 4-way stretch capability!The best part about Minilon™ is its sweat-wicking trait. You can work out to your heart’s content, without worrying that you’ll soak your outfit with sweat. Just sweat it off, it won’t leave spots and ruin your look.
Now you don’t have to stick to dark-colored activewear.

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