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Reintroducing Motion Collection: Your Timeless Workout Companion

by Support Miniletics on Sep 19, 2023

Reintroducing Motion Collection: Your Timeless Workout Companion

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If you have shopped miniletics before, or have been eyeing our products for a while… You should be familiar with ‘Motion Collection’. But how well do you know Motion Collection?

About Motion Collection:

Introduction: Motion Collection Ease Your Movements

The Motion Collection is designed to allow us to move freely as the name suggests, it means 'movement'. Motion is one of miniletics' first collections and still remains one of the best-selling collections to this day.

Motion Collection products are made of minilon™ fabric.


Special Features: Comfortable and Camel Toe Free

With their soft and buttery (velvety texture) trait, Motion products keep us comfortable through the day. Motion Collection products are lightweight and flexible. They follow our body's movements flawlessly. All Motion products made of minilon™ fabric, a special blend created for miniletics. Motion leggings have a light compression effect that enhances our natural body silhouette. And most importantly, there's no irritation in the T-zone area (no camel toe).

Functionality: Perfect Fit for Low to Medium Impact Workout

The Motion collection is suitable for low to medium impact workout, such as yoga, pilates, gym workouts, and light cardio exercises. Certain Motion products (like the High Neck Bra) can also be used for high-impact sports, but we have another collection that better supports high-impact sports, namely Solid Collection.

Motion Collection Products

Currently (listed as of September 2023), there are 15 Motion Collection products with more than 20 color variants. Among them, some of the best selling Motion products of miniletics are: Motion Legging Full 24", Motion Shorts 6", and Motion Lock Up Bra.

Motion Collection

One thing's for sure, thousands have tried the Motion Collection and not a single soul second-guessed their choice. So, if you don't have it yet, we’re afraid you’re missing out on a wonderful workout experience. It is 200% worth it! 😁"


Whether you work out regularly three times a week or you just started your fitness journey, you definitely need good activewear. Motion Collection will be your best companion throughout your workouts. It is designed to be durable and you will get uncompromised quality for every move.

Through #MotionMovement, miniletics wants to reintroduce minimates to Motion Collection and get you moving. We will also share easy-to-follow tips for those of you who want to start a healthier lifestyle. Follow us on Instagram @miniletics to get the most of #MotionMovement!


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