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Where’s My Package? Tracking Your Order With A Few Clicks

by Support Miniletics on May 26, 2023

Where’s My Package? Tracking Your Order With A Few Clicks

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Are you checking your calendar and anxiously waiting for your package? We’ve been there too, minimates. Don’t worry, let's go through the 5 steps of tracking your web order together!

Step 1: Open Your Shipping Update E-mail

Langkah 1: Buka e-mail shipping update

1-3 working days after completing your order and payment, you will receive your “Shipping Update” e-mail. Open the e-mail in your inbox.


Step 2: Copy and Click Your Order Tracking Number

 Langkah 2: Salin nomor pelacakan dalam e-mail

In “Shipping Update” e-mail, you will find your tracking number. Copy the number and click on the number, then you will be directed to the delivery service’ site.


Step 3: Submit Your Tracking Number

Langkah 3: tempel nomor pelacakan dan klik tombol di bawahnya

Paste the number you copied in the provided space and click the button below to find your order status.

Step 4: Click Again to See Details

Langkah 4: klik di area status pengiriman untuk lihat detil riwayat pengiriman

Click anywhere around the area of your order status and the details of the delivery progress will be presented. You just need to scroll down a bit to check the history.

Those were the 4 steps to check where your package is. 
How was it? Easy, right? By following these steps, you can stay updated about the whereabouts of your package. Happy tracking and happy shopping!

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