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Miniletics' Size Guideline

by miniletics Admin on Nov 17, 2020

How to Measure Sport Bra, Legging, and Product's miniletics

Are you looking for the best sportswear that suits your body measurements? 

(This guideline will help you find out perfect match!)


The material we have, minilon™, is soft - but also strong and stretchy. So, it is important to get the right size which fits your body. For sports bras, tanks, shirts, and jacket, you should measure your bust, under bust, and cup size. For leggings and shorts, you should measure waist and hip. Then, select the size according to the size chart.

miniletics's Product Sizing
  1. Bust – measure the center circumference which is the widest or middle part of your breast.
  2. Under Bust – measure the circumference of the lower part (bottom) of your bust.
  3. Cup Size – Measure one side of your breast, from the center of your chest to the outside (breast circumference).
  4. Waist – Measure the part right above your navel.
  5. Hips – Measure the widest part of the hip.

After you have your measurement, refer to our size charts to choose the correct size of your miniletics sports gear.The size of the product also determines how stretchy it is. Choosing a smaller size will give you a tight compression. On the other hand, the bigger size will feel loose on your body.

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